Thursday, November 17, 2011

Baby boy at 5 months old

Tomorrow he will be 6 months old, already half a year old!
His 5th month has been a busy one.
We have struggled with sickness the last couple weeks. We've had congestion, fever, ear infections, a slight case of pink eye, and with the cold weather brings eczema and skin sensitivity. Hopefully we are on the healing end of everything and will be all better by Thanksgiving next week.
Baby boy also took his longest trip so far in his 5th month...we traveled to Arkansas for Aunt Dawn's & Uncle Michael's wedding. He did remarkable well for having to stay in his car-seat for so long and the time we got to spend with our family in Arkansas was so much fun, wish we could have stayed longer.
Another milestone this month is his 1st AND 2nd teeth! The 2nd tooth made its way through the skin shortly after his first tooth, he looks so adorable with those 2 little teeth showing through when he smiles!!
Here are some pictures of our sweet boy in his 5th month.....

Enjoying time with his (great) Pawpaw
Learning to sit by himself...
but not unprotected yet, thankfully.
Rockin the cloth diaper!
All ready for bed

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