Thursday, November 17, 2011

Birthday Girl!!!

Last week we celebrated our little girl's 3rd birthday! Wow, where has time gone?!
My sister Dawn called me the day of our little girl's birthday and we reminisced about the day she was born and what a wonderful day it was. I have beautiful and wonderful memories of the birth of our sweet girl!
The last 3 years have been amazing, not always easy to be honest, having to deal with our little girl having severe eczema has been one of the biggest struggles we have faced since being married and having children but I can say without a doubt that she has been well worth it! (:
She is beautiful, strong willed, dramatic, encouraging, spiteful, joyful and so much more!
The Lord has blessed us beyond our wildest dreams with this little girl!
I'm so excited to see where her future is going to go, not in any big hurry to have her grown but I pray and believe the Lord will use her greatly!
I don't know what I would do without our precious girl, our hearts overflow with love for her, she's our baby girl and always will be, again the Lord has blessed us beyond what we could have hoped or dreamed!

This year she wanted a "GREEN" birthday party, her favorite color, no theme, just green!! It was fun, we decorated with green, made a green cake, most of us wore green clothes and we even had green presents! She loved it and that's all that matters!

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